domingo, 23 de enero de 2011

Online Reputation Management for Local

When a good client of mine took on an account that become a problem account, before they knew it they were receiving 28 voice mails very two hour of yelling and screaming. I was told “FIX IT”.
Upon my initial research, I uncovered that this is expensive and that the right systems should have been put in place in the first place. In any event, what I learned there is VERY little on the Internet in terms of a strategy for Online Reputation Management. There is A LOT in terms of content for explanation of this, but little for execution.
After two months of studying and recognizing that this is information that needs to out there, I decided to implement and test Online Reputation Management and Online Response Management for a Local Business.

In any event, I’ve created a very high level overview strategy. You bet your dollar that we’re on top of this and have tested, or are continuing to test, to create the best strategy for any, and almost all locally based businesses.
I orginally posted this on the Local Biz Builders forum here.

Online Response Management Strategy Overview

1.Monitoring Online Reputation complaints and inventory complaints and put system in Place
a.Twitter, Blogs, Forums, News, *Complaint Sites (like,, Facebook, Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo Local, Angie’s List, OpenTable and Epinions
ii.Google Alerts
iii.Monitor This allows you to monitor and track keywords over multiple search engines.
iv.Domain Ranking for keywords (I use market samurai and WebCEO – free trial for both)
v.Manual searches using search engine tools ([allintitle: company name] – check blogs, forums, web 2.0, [ company name]
b.Inventory Negative PR –create inventory file, one week dated
c.Email – update website email flow for customer service, ops, sales

2.Push Down complaint sites off front page for search phrase [COMPANY NAME] – via SEO (Web 2.0 content works great). Create 2-3 sites with COMPANYNAME in domain (.org, .net,

3.Respond to negative complaints online within 24 hours
a.Twitter, complaint boards, forums, email
i.Copy and paste responses – there are 4-6 catagories.
b.Need to track what we do.

4.Remove online complaints
a.Complaint boards, Wikipedia, (manual removal is very difficult and time consuming, better to direct to customer) – A service that attempts to help you get things being said online about you removed

5.Publish Positive Content (updated phase II to aid in this)
a.Blogs, forums, web 2.0, local reviews sites, complaint boards,
b.Blog Strategy on COMPANYNAME (weekly CEO voice, weekly customer service voice, COMPANY video content) – Implement Share features – T & FB
c.Ideas for content that would be shared among our courier industry – funny video, reports, industry analysis, (such as an extensive blog post), be the ‘camera person’ at events.

6.PR Campaign


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