viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

[Directorio] Broadcast Media and Journalism Lesson Plans

A Lens to the Past
All About Our Town - Informational Brochure Lesson Plan

Art Inspired by Words Lesson Plan

Art of Persuasion - Editorials and Marketing

Arts Lesson Plan Search - PBS

Bia vs Perspective Lesson Plan

Blogging What is it and How To

Commercial Advertising - Media Literacy

Conflicting Newspaper Accounts Lesson Plan

Constitution Lesson Plans

Creating Electronic Portfolios - Lesson Plan

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling - Examples

Digital Storytelling - Educational Uses

Elements of Digital Storytelling

Ethics Case Studies

First Amendment Lesson Plans

Framing the News

Forming Opinions

High School Journalism Lesson Plans

How to Analyze the News

How Media Shapes Perception Lesson Plan

Journalism Curriculum

Journalism Lesson Plans - NY Times

Journalism Education Standards

News Journalism Across the Media

Newspapers in Education - Lessons and Activities

Photojournalism Lesson Plan - CARE

Podcasts in the Classroom

Points of View in the News

Proofreading Lesson Plan

Read, Write, Think - Lesson Plans

Rich Internet Application Teaching Resource

Read Write Think Lesson Plans

Respecting Freedom of Speech Lesson Plan

Student Newspaper Project

Teaching with the Newspaper - 10 Great Activities
Thinking Visually Activity

To Report of Not to Report

What Did They Say - Media Lesson Plan - PDF

Writing Newspaper Articles - eMINTS National Center

Yellow Journalism Lesson Plan

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    Broadcast Media and Journalism


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