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How to Make An Art Portfolio For Your Art Work

Make an Art Portfolio
Make an Art Portfolio
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To organize your best paintings, why not make an art portfolio for your art work. This is an easy way to display your art work.
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Things You'll Need:

  • art presentation portfolio
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    Buy an Art Presentation Portfolio
    Buy an Art Presentation Portfolio
    To make an art Portfolio, go to an art supply store or try one online. Get an appropriate type of portfolio for your artwork. These are great for displaying your work. You can go to or try A.C.Moore craft store to find one.
  2. 2
    Choose a photo size to display in your folder. Smaller is easier. The best size is one that you can fit on printer size paper. You can scan your art work or take digital pictures of your paintings. For larger size paintings, you will have to take pictures as they won't fit on your scanner.
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    Art Portfolio
    Art Portfolio
    Decide how many pages you want in your art portfolio. This depends on how many paintings you plan to display in your portfolio. You may need more than one portfolio. I think the best size is 8 1/2 x 11 inches. These art portfolios are also made to be acid free. There are 24 two sided pages in this art portfolio so you can display paintings on both sides.
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    To make the best art portfolio, you want to display only your best art work. You might want to get some opinions on this as well, because you want to see what others like.
    Once you have chosen your art work, scan or take pictures of them. Save them on your computer and then print them out on photo paper. They will look wonderful in your new art portfolio!

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