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[Directorio] Photography and Film Lessons

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography
Adobe Digital Kids

Arts Edge

Ansel Adams Lesson Plan

Basic Photography Lesson Plan

Basic Strategies in Reading Photographs

Blurb - Free Bookmaking Software

Cameras and Careers

Caption Writing Lesson Plan

Captions - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Career Exploration Games

Cinematography Lessons

Civil War Photography Lesson Plan

Color Photography Lesson Index

Create Your Own Book -

CyberMuse - Integrating Art into Your Lessons

Digital Gadgets in the Classroom

Digital Storytelling - PDF

Digital Photography Workshop

Dorothea Lange Photographs Lesson

EDSITEment - Art and Culture Lesson Plans

Education at the Getty - Art Lesson Plans

Effective Photojournalism

Every Picture has a Story - Smithsonian

Extreme Photography - Both Sides of the Lens

Explore Point of View Through Areial Photography

Exploring Photographs - Lesson Plans

Film and Video Lessons and Activities - Adobe

Filmaking and Photography Curricular Resources

Film Editing Lessons

Fun Stuff to do with Your Photos

Get the Picture - Thinking about Photographs

GIMP - Free Photo Imaging Software

High School Journalism Lesson Plans

Imaging Software - Free

Incredible Art Department - Photography

Internet for Photography - Deeveloping Research Skills

Internet Photo Essay Project

Introducing the Camera

Introduction to Digital Photography

Make a Movie with MovieMaker

Making Movie Storyboards - Lesson

Make Your Own Book - Blurb

Making Photo Essays Easy

Me A Photo Essay Lesson Plan - PDF

Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet - PDF

National Gallery Lesson Plans

New York Times Education - Photography Lessons

Optics for Kids

Photo Communication Class

Photo Essay Lesson Plan

Photo Gallery Downloads for Projects - Canon Creative Park

Photograph Analysis Worksheet - PDF

Photographing Life's Images Lesson

Photographs as an Artists Tool

Photography - From Art to Documentary - PDF

Photography - 42Explore

Photography Analysis Worksheet

Photography and Film - The Academy Teachers Series

Photography and Graphic Arts
-  Learning Modules
Photography Lesson Plans - PBS

Photography Lesson Plans - High School Journalism

Photography Portfolio Lesson Plan

Photography Curriculum

Photography and Graphic Arts
Curriculum / Learning Modules
Photography History Lesson

Photography Lesson Plans - Kodak

Photography Project

Photojournalism and Compassion

Photojournalism -
A Record of War Web Lesson
Photojournalism - Creating Layout


Pinhole Inquiry Activity

Professional Photographers Curriculum

Political Cartoons Lessons

Reading Media Photographs Worksheet - PDF

Rule of Thirds Lesson Plan

School Curriculum for Photography

Screen Writing Lessons

Storyboard Blank Template

Student Curriculum in Photography

Studies in Motion Lesson - PDF

Teaching Simple Animation

Using Historical Photographs

Using Photography to Save Our Oceans

Using Photography to Enhance Your Story

Video Production Projects - Adobe

Vocational and Career Related Lesson Plans

Web English Teacher - Photography

Webcams in the Classroom

Windows Movie Maker - Free Download

Writing a Movie Lesson Plan

You Oughta Be in Pictures - Making Videos

Young Minds Inspired - Academy of Motion Pictures

Youth Media Teacher's Guide

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    Photography and Film
    Broadcast Media and Journalism


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