viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

[Directorio] Performing Arts Lesson Plans - Dance and Music

Art and Music Lesson Plans - Core Knowledge
Audacity - Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Ballet and Classical Music

Blank Music Worksheet - PDF

Broadway Musical Lesson Plan

Classics for Kids - Lesson Plans

Creating an Original Opera - Lesson Plan

Creative Drama Lesson Plans

Compose and Choreograph a Cheer

Dance Integrated Resource - Lessons and Activities

Drum Lesson Database

Elemental Sequences in Music - PDF

Graphical Music Notation - Online Learning

Making a Musical Instrument Lesson Plan

Making Connections - Art and Music

MERLOT Music Portal

Music - Core Knowledge Lesson Plans

Music Curriculum Framework

Music in the South Pacific - PDF

Music - Interactive Skills Applets

Music Lesson Plans

Music Lesson Plans - EduRef

Musical Era WebQuest

Native American Music - PDF

Note Flight - Free Music Creation Software

Performing Arts Study Guide - PDF

Reading Music Tutorial

Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame - Lesson Plans

San Francisco Symphony Kid's Site - Online Activities

Songs for Our Time - Library of Congress

Soul Learning

Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet - PDF

Theater arts Curriculum and Lessons

Visual and Performing arts Lesson Plans - CARE

Wild Sounds from South of the Border - PDF

Young People's Guide to the Orchestra - Carnegie Hall

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